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Is Buying a House in Portland, Oregon a Good Investment?

You have always dreamed of owning a home. You’re doing well in your career and are thinking about homeownership as the next step to becoming an accomplished adult. You may be looking into some of the best places to live in and have come across Portland, Oregon. You might be wondering, ‘Is buying a homeContinue reading “Is Buying a House in Portland, Oregon a Good Investment?”


Is New Construction in Portland Oregon a Good Investment?

If you are looking to invest in real estate, it’s normal to ask yourself the same question that most homebuyers ask: “Should I invest in new construction or an older home?” There’s a lot to think about when buying a new construction home in Portland Oregon, but the key is always to make sure thatContinue reading “Is New Construction in Portland Oregon a Good Investment?”

What Do You Need To Know Before Buying A House in Portland OR?

Buying a house is pretty much like buying a secondhand car. You ask questions, look under the hood, test-drive, and see what happens. You can’t just make hasty decisions when buying a house, especially if it’s your first time.  But while navigating the home buying process can be challenging, it becomes so much easier ifContinue reading “What Do You Need To Know Before Buying A House in Portland OR?”

How Much Do You Need To Buy a House for the First Time?

At some point in your life, you turn your financial attention to buying a home. While saving for a new home may seem like an insurmountable challenge, you can handle the typically steep curve of down payments and closing costs much easier if you know what figures come into play when buying a home. InContinue reading “How Much Do You Need To Buy a House for the First Time?”

How Can You Buy a House Fast?

Buying a home can be a tedious process, broken up by periods of frantic activities. If you want your home buying process to fly through quickly, there are things you need to know and remember before you kick off the home buying dash. In this post, you will discover the secrets to buying a houseContinue reading “How Can You Buy a House Fast?”

Can You Buy A House With No Money Down?

If you are a millennial, you know how high down payments keep many young people like you from buying a home. You aspire to own your place but stay locked into the rental market far longer than you wish because you cannot afford the high down payment required to own a home in the U.S.Continue reading “Can You Buy A House With No Money Down?”